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Sign Grant

For downtown Main Street Businesses 

The Wayland Main Street/DDA’s goal is to maintain the historic integrity of the Downtown Wayland Central Business District through providing education and advice to property owners making improvements to their buildings in the district. 


Careful attention should be paid to new signs and signs that replace existing signs. Please refer to the following Sign Design Guidelines for more information.

Click HERE for the Downtown Wayland sign ordinance.

How Can You Apply

  1. The standards and guidelines set forth in this manual apply to all properties within the Wayland Main Street district that wish to receive assistance under the Wayland Main Street Sign Grant program. A map of the district is included in these guidelines.

  2. Signs not consistent with the guidelines stated herein, are still subject to the Sign Ordinance of the City of Wayland. 

  3. Owners participating in the Sign Grant program may not change or install the signs until the project is approved by the program.

  4. Many non-conforming signs will exist within the Wayland Main Street district after the guidelines are implemented. The intent of the Program is to improve the downtown shopping experience for everyone. Therefore, voluntary observance of these guidelines is highly encouraged for businesses with existing signage

If the above applies to your business clicks HERE for the application 

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