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Wayland City Hall

103 S Main St,

Wayland, MI 49348

The property and adjoining lots in the 100 block of South Main Street remained vacant after the
1891 fire except for a building at 129 South Main, Lot 7, that was David Stockdale’s office, probably designed by Fred H. Eely who reported a commission from Stockdale in 1901. Besides
the Henika Library at 149 South Main, it was the only building on the east side of Main Street.

The west side rebuilt was taken sometime after 1905. The 1930 Sanborn identifies this building as a bank, and the adjacent building to the south as a store, revealing that these were joined sometime after this date, in 1987 the buildings at 103 and 105 South Main were remodeled. The building was given to the city in 1998, and a façade restoration in the 1980s brought it closer to its original appearance as described above. The buildings at 103 and 105 South Main grace the street as a single facade today.





The Wayland Exchange Bank, the first bank in Wayland, was opened in 1887 by Ensign W. Pickett. It was a private bank, located in the Pickett Brothers' General Store, and was a success from the very beginning. (credit United Bank website)

In 1903, Pickett thought it was best to incorporate under state law. The bank's stock was quickly subscribed, and on January 1, 1904, it opened for business as The Wayland State Bank, with capital of just $20,000. (credit United Bank website)

Wayland State Bank weathered the storms of the stock market crash and the bank crises of the 1930s. By 1940, assets had grown to $500,000. It was then that young Arthur H. Johnson came to Wayland as a cashier at the bank. An experienced banker, Johnson brought with him a new level of management expertise and a desire to expand. (credit United Bank website)


In January 1980, a branch was opened in Gun Lake and the name was changed to United Community Bank, and United Community Financial, a one bank holding company, was formed. (credit United Bank website)


United Bank sold the building to Wayland City to become Wayland City Hall. 

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