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Wayland City Park

201-299 Church St

Includes 2 Basketball Courts, 2 Tennis Courts, 2 Picnic Shelters
1 Gazebo, a walking path
playground equipment, restroom facilities, a drinking fountain, and the famous Splash Pad


Rabbit River Trail

450 E. Elm St


The Rabbit River Nature Trail opened in 2011. The nearly mile-long trail is built on a 35-acre space. The first portion of the trail is paved, with the rest covered in crushed limestone. The park also offers a covered pavilion/picnic area, restroom facilities, a drinking fountain and benches that overlook the Rabbit River.

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Butterfly Mural

Located on the west-side of McDuff's Bar and Grille, this mural welcomes visitors to Wayland with a nice greeting. It also glows in the dark and is interactive. This mural was funded by the Legacy grant from Allegan County Community foundation.  The mural was a community project painted by members of the community. 

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Dahlia City Dogs Mural

Located on the east-side of Dahlia City Dogs, this mural welcomes visitors to Wayland with color and jazz. The mural was a community project painted by members of the community. 

DSC09505 (3).jpg

Dahlia Mural

Located on the north-side of Wayland Hotel Bar and Grille, this mural was the first community mural.

This mural is one of the first things you see as you enter the downtown.  


Acqua in Vino's Mural

Wayland's first mural, completed in October 2016 by Allison Kay Walters, is located on the south side of Acqua in Vino's building. 


Wayland's Mini-Park

This picturesque park, located on the northeast corner in downtown Wayland, was built in memory of Harold and Dora Weaver. The park has benches, picnic tables and a walking path. The flower-filled Mini Park is a wonderful place to stop while walking through the downtown area.


Rainbow Road Mural

This mural was funded by the Allegan County Community Foundation and painted by community volunteers. The mural is located in the west alley. Come down and ride your bikes, play hopscotch or walk along the color road. 

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