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Between the Buns

Competition 2024

Downtown Wayland is hosting a sandwich/handheld competition called Between the Buns for January. The goal is to bring business to local restaurants and help to fight childhood hunger. 

The competition will be from Jan. 1st through 31st. Voting will be open to the public for the month and the top 5 locations will undergo a judging section to select the winner. Each location has punch cards to help guide the consumers around the area and QR code for quick voting at each tables. 


The public can sample the various entries and vote at the Downtown Wayland website, for their selection. The top 5 finalists will be announced on January 31st and a final vote by judges will take place soon after. 


Each business will donate $1 for each handheld to the Hand2Hand program. This program is run by local churches and is available in 278 different schools around West Michigan. Families can sign-up for free and receive food over the weekend. Our goal for this program is not only to bring business to the Wayland area restaurants but to help fight childhood hunger.

Please note you are only allowed to vote ONCE.

Handheld Items

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