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Downtown Social District

Residents of Wayland are now able to eat, drink, and enjoy their communities in approved social district Commons areas found in Downtown Wayland. That means in these three areas members of the public 21+ can now buy alcohol from participating businesses and enjoy as they Sip, Shop, and Stroll through their community, enjoy the adult beverage as you dine al fresco! Either way, as long as you stay within certain designated boundaries of the district, and have your purchased beverage poured by a participating business into a properly marked social district cup -enjoy the Downtown Wayland from 11am to 11pm.


Participating Downtown Businesses include:

  • Acqua in Vino

  • OpenRoad Brewery

  • Wayland Hotel Bar and Grill

  • McDuffs Bar and Grill


How do I know if I’m in a Social District?    

Social Districts are marked with stickers on sidewalks.

Wayland Social District.png
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