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Wayland High School Senior Banner Program

We are excited to announce that Wayland Main Street will be organizing a Senior Banner program.

Parents and students can purchase a banner (36" x 18") to honor their senior. The banners will be hung on the Main Street light poles during the requested trimester. This program is a first come. We will contact you if your application has been accepted and if your desired trimester was available. If we have space but the trimester is full, we will work with you on available trimesters.


Before submitting this application, please review the Wayland Senior Banner Program guidelines for further details. The cost per banner is $75.00 for the production, installation, and removal of the banner. The banner will be displayed during the trimester of your choosing and will be available for pick-up after the trimester ends.

Below are the deadlines for the banner request per trimester.


First - July 31st

Second - October 13th

Third - February 4th

Senior Banners - First Tri - 20232024.png
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