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Façade Grant

For downtown main street Wayland businesses.

It is a fundamental goal of the Wayland City Council and the Wayland Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to promote economic growth and vitality in the downtown.  To that end, the Wayland Downtown Façade Improvement Program has been created to encourage business and property owners to improve and maintain building facades as a means to facilitate economic activity and promote a positive image of downtown. 

Source of Funding

The program is sponsored by the City of Wayland (hereinafter “City”) and the Downtown Development Authority (hereinafter “DDA”.)  The source of funding for the program is tax increment financing revenue made available under Michigan Public Act 197 of 1975 and Ordinance No. 119 as adopted by the Wayland City Council in November, 1988.  Annual funding allocations for the program are recommended by the DDA for approval by the City Council. In September 2018, Wayland DDA was awarded funds through the Façade Restoration Initiative (RFI) a program of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). As recipients of this award, Wayland DDA may contribute no more than 50% (fifty percent) RFI funds to local projects that follow the guidelines herein. An additional local match may be awarded. The programs described herein are contingent upon availability of budgeted funds and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

Click HERE for the program guidelines in detail.

What businesses can apply?

1. A property must be located within the boundaries of the Main Street district as identified by the City of Wayland Michigan Main Street Application of 2010.

2. The building must meet a basic condition test, which indicates that the property appears to be structurally sound, the roof intact and meets the basic public safety and property maintenance codes.  Proposed façade improvements must also comply with all applicable building and zoning codes.

3. Only buildings with retail, commercial, or professional uses consistent with Central Business District land uses as defined in the current City Zoning Ordinance are eligible.  Buildings with second-story residential units may be considered if the primary use of the building (on the ground floor) is a permitted use for the Central Business District.

4. Only facades fronting public rights-of-way are eligible for assistance. Highly visible rear and side locations may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. Building owners or tenants are eligible.  If a tenant applies for assistance, they must provide written proof that the building owner has authorized the proposed improvements and evidence of an executed lease for a term equal to the Façade Improvement Agreement.

6. Property tax and City utility payments must be current.  The applicant shall not be in any other default to the City nor involved in any other litigation with the DDA or City.

7. Work must be performed by licensed and insured contractors.

If your business meets the requirements list above click HERE for an application 

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