Tell us the story of Hastings City Bank. How did it get started and what are its goals today?
Hastings City Bank was founded in 1886 when 35 Hastings investors provided the initial capital of $50,000. The original investors included farmers, publishers, dry goods and hardware merchants, druggists, lawyers, a doctor, and an accountant.

The intent was to finance manufacturing activity so that Hastings could share the fruits of a growing industrial revolution. At the time, the town’s economy was mostly served by sawmills. There were two rail lines which brought freight, passengers, and daily newspapers from Grand Rapids and Detroit. As our bank grew through the years, we expanded into new service areas including Middleville, Caledonia, Nashville, Bellevue, Wayland, and Marshall. Our main branch and corporate headquarters remain in downtown Hastings, one block from our original site.

Today’s assets total over $300 million. Over 130 years later, our focus remains the same – providing and maintaining the excellent customer service that has been our hallmark since 1886. Hastings City Bank…meeting customer needs, exceeding expectations.

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Why downtown Wayland?
Wayland’s community holds some of the same values as Hastings City Bank. Wayland has a strong sense of community. It looks to better itself by empowering its residents, and encouraging everyone to help each other. Wayland has a real hometown, warming feeling that Hastings City Bank strives for both inside and outside the organization.

What do you wish more people knew about Hastings City Bank?
Hastings City Bank is able to offer all the products, services, and conveniences of the larger institutions, with an emphasis on customer care. We work hard to provide our customers with up to date products and technology that you would see at other institutions. When you add in our remarkable customer service, you get one of the best financial institutions around.

Why do you think it’s important to support local businesses?
Supporting local business is vital. Not only are they the back bone of the local community, they play a major part in the national economy as well. Hastings City Bank works hard to support local businesses in many ways, whether it be offering financial options that help to build the businesses or supporting local events that help promote the businesses.

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